Passion fruit

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Our Cannabis Light Passion Fruit is an inflorescence with a distinctly fruity aroma and strong sweet notes of Mango and Papaya. Its inflorescence is characteristic because, besides being particularly compact, it is full of crystals.

Type of growing: greenhouse

THC < 0,5 %

Passion Fruit: The Tropical Essence of Cannabis Light

NativaCBD presents Passion Fruit, an exclusive selection of Cannabis Light inflorescences that captures the essence of the tropics. Each dense, resinous top offers a unique sensory experience, enhanced by notes of Mango and citrus, while maintaining a distinctive fruity taste. This variety is distinguished by its extraordinary quality and intense aroma.

Unique Features

Passion Fruit’s inflorescences feature compact, crystal-laden flowers that reflect their purity and intensity. Their heavy, resinous texture is the result of careful and dedicated cultivation, performed in 100% organic Greenhouse environments, without the use of pesticides. This sustainable cultivation method not only ensures an environmentally friendly product, but also enhances the aromatic and flavor qualities of this unique variety.

Gustatory and Aromatic Experience

On the palate, Passion Fruit reveals a symphony of tropical flavors. Sweet and intense Mango notes blend harmoniously with citrus accents, creating a rich and enveloping taste experience. The distinctly fruity scent, accompanied by hints of Papaya, invites a sensory journey directed toward tropical landscapes.

Benefits and Qualities of CBD

Passion Fruit is not only a treat for the senses, it is also a CBD-rich inflorescence with a THC content of less than 0.5 percent. This characteristic makes Passion Fruit ideal for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of CBD, such as the relaxing and stress-relieving effect, without the psychoactive effects of THC. It is a perfect choice for those who want a natural approach to daily wellness.

Conservation and Quality

The freshness and integrity of each Passion Fruit top is preserved through preservation methods that maintain constant humidity and temperature. Although the natural process of oxidation may slightly alter the color of the inflorescences, making them darker than in the pictures, this does not affect their quality and potency.

Why Choose Passion Fruit by NativaCBD

Choosing Passion Fruit from NativaCBD means opting for a high-quality product that offers a unique experience in both taste and benefit. It is ideal for lovers of exotic flavors and those looking for a light cannabis inflorescence that combines excellence in cultivation and aromatic richness.

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Inflorescence of cannabis sativa l.

For technical use only and the uses outlined in L. 242/2016 art. 2.
Do not ingest, do not take, is not a drug, cannot be used as a substitute for medication.
Sale is allowed only to persons over 18 years of age. It is not a narcotic or psychoactive substance (dpr 309/90).
It does not contain substances harmful to humans. THC lower than the limits allowed by law L. 242/2016.

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