Can you take too much CBD? Let’s find out together!

troppo CBD

Cannabis Light: Can you take too much CBD? It is paramount to begin by acknowledging the complexity and evolving nature of the research surrounding CBD. While it is celebrated for its potential therapeutic effects, ranging from alleviation of anxiety  and pain…

Can you travel with CBD? Some useful tips

viaggiare con il CBD

If you are planning a trip and would like to take CBD products with you, this is the right article for you! Regulations on the legality of Cannabis Light and CBD vary widely from country to country, which makes the…

How CBD can help you adjust to the time change: helpful tips

cambio dell'ora

CBD and the change of time As the time change approaches, many people experience altered sleep-wake rhythms and a general sense of fatigue. Fortunately, there are natural ways to deal with this adaptation, and CBD may be the solution you…

Cannabis legalization in Germany

Legalizzazione della Cannabis in Germania

Cannabis legalization in Germany The historic approval of cannabis legalization in Germany is about to transform the drug policy landscape in Europe. A ferocious debate about decriminalising cannabis has been raging for years in Germany, with doctors’ groups expressing concerns…

Four CBD cocktail recipes to try at home

cocktail al CBD

Cocktail with CBD Recently, a new field of creative experimentation has opened up for cannabis drinks. With the compatibility of oil-soluble cannabinoids and alcohol, the concept of CBD cocktails has become a simple reality with so many possibilities for consumers.…

6 benefits of CBD for skin care

CBD per la cura della pelle

Skin care Taking care of your skin is crucial not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to protect it as a barrier against harmful chemicals, temperature extremes, harmful microbes and damaging sun rays, as well as to help maintain the…

The history of CBD: Ancient medicine, modern science

storia del CBD

The history of CBD and cannabis The history of cannabis is closely related to the history of human beings: since ancient times, cannabis has been used and cultivated (with evidence even in the Old Testament), so much so that it…

Complete guide to CBD crystals: What they are and how to use them

cristalli CBD

CBD Crystals Guide CBD, or cannabidiol, is increasingly attracting the attention of consumers, physicians and the scientific community. In this article, we will explore its purest form currently on the market: crystals. These represent an authentic concentrate of cannabidiol extracted…

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