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Mandarin Cannabis Light CBD always one of our workhorses, it comes with a fluffy top, full of orange pistils, resin and terpenes with an unmistakable tangerine aroma.

Type of growing: greenhouse

THC < 0,5 %

Mandarin: A Citric Sensory Experience

The variety stands out in the world of legal hemp inflorescences for its sweet and intensely citrusy scent, evocative of the ripest and juiciest mandarins.

Visual and Aromatic Characteristics

The flowers glow bright green, enriched with orange pistils and a copious layer of resin and terpenes. This combination gives the inflorescence a fascinating visual appearance and an unmistakable aroma, reminiscent of the pure essence of tangerines.

Therapeutic Benefits

This inflorescence is renowned for its high cannabinoid content, making it particularly effective in soothing anxiety and muscle tension. This variety proves to be a valuable support for those seeking natural relief and daily well-being.

Responsible Cultivation and Quality

Grown in greenhouses following sustainable practices, this NativaCBD inflorescence reflects an unwavering commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. The cultivation method guarantees the purity and integrity of each flower.

Compliance and Safety

With a THC of less than 0.5 percent, it fully adheres to the legal requirements for light hemp. This ensures that consumers enjoy the benefits of CBD in a safe and compliant manner.

Why Choose Mandarin

If you are looking for an inflorescence that combines sensory pleasure and therapeutic benefits, this is an ideal choice. Its unique aroma and soothing properties make it perfect for those who want a complete and satisfying CBD experience.

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Inflorescence of cannabis sativa l.

For technical use only and the uses outlined in L. 242/2016 art. 2.
Do not ingest, do not take, is not a drug, cannot be used as a substitute for medication.
Sale is allowed only to persons over 18 years of age. It is not a narcotic or psychoactive substance (dpr 309/90).
It does not contain substances harmful to humans. THC lower than the limits allowed by law L. 242/2016.

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