Lemon Tonic

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If you are looking for an aromatic CBD variety with a citrusy, fresh bouquet, Lemon Tonic is the inflorescence for you! The naturally dried, selected and hand-processed flowers are rich in CBD and are also used for therapeutic purposes.

Type of growing: outdoor

THC < 0,5 %


Lemon Tonic: A Dive into the Fragrances of Amalfi

NativaCBD‘s Lemon Tonic is an authentic expression of freshness and taste. This legal hemp inflorescence is distinguished by its compact and voluminous, bright light green buds, embellished with a rich layer of resinous trichomes.

A Unique Olfactory Experience

Opening a packet of Lemon Tonic is like immersing yourself in a Mediterranean garden. Its strong, fresh fragrances evoke the fragrant lemons of Amalfi, providing an intoxicating olfactory experience.

Intense and Therapeutic Taste

On the palate, it surprises with its strong and refined taste. Caramelized lemon peel leaves a sweet, citrusy sensation, making this strain perfect for those seeking a CBD-rich inflorescence with therapeutic properties.

Outdoor Cultivation and Quality

Lemon Tonic is grown outdoors, following natural and sustainable methods. This type of cultivation ensures not only a high quality product but also respect for the environment and biodiversity.

THC and Legal Compliance

With a THC content of less than 0.5 percent, it is in line with the legal requirements for light hemp. This feature makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of CBD safely and legally.

Why Choose Lemon Tonic

If you’re looking for a CBD infusion with a fresh, citrusy flavor profile, NativaCBD’s Lemon Tonic is an ideal choice. Its unique combination of aroma and therapy makes it suitable for both recreational and therapeutic use.

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Inflorescence of cannabis sativa l.

For technical use only and the uses outlined in L. 242/2016 art. 2.
Do not ingest, do not take, is not a drug, cannot be used as a substitute for medication.
Sale is allowed only to persons over 18 years of age. It is not a narcotic or psychoactive substance (dpr 309/90).
It does not contain substances harmful to humans. THC lower than the limits allowed by law L. 242/2016.

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