Harmonies of Hemp Mint and Liquorice

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The analgesic properties of hemp combined with the digestive properties of mint and licorice make this herbal tea an excellent remedy for nausea and digestive problems. The sweet flavour notes of liquorice blend harmoniously with the pungent and refreshing tones of mint and the intense and full-bodied aroma of hemp, releasing a pleasant and delicate aroma.

Good to consume cold as well.

Harmonies of Hemp Mint and Liquorice, relaxing herbal tea rich in CBD prepared with hand-picked and naturally dried chopped hemp and a blend of medicinal herbs. The numerous active ingredients contained in the hemp flower have a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, favoring the natural harmonization process of the body.

Mint and Liquorice, due to their sedative and digestive properties, are excellent remedies against stomach and abdominal disorders.

Harmonies of Hemp Mint and Liquorice: A Unique Blend

The Harmonies of Hemp Mint and Liquorice tea offers a perfect fusion of flavor and wellness. This blend combines the relaxing and beneficial properties of hemp with the refreshing taste of mint and the sweet, aromatic touch of liquorice. Ideal for those seeking a moment of pure relaxation, this tea is a delightful treat for both the palate and the spirit.

Natural and Carefully Selected Ingredients

Each ingredient in the Harmonies of Hemp Mint and Liquorice is carefully chosen to ensure the highest quality. The hemp used comes from organic farming, while the mint and liquorice are selected for their intense and natural aromatic notes. This combination not only pleases the senses but also contributes to a calming and refreshing effect.

Benefits for Body and Mind

The Harmonies of Hemp Mint and Liquorice are ideal for those looking to unwind after a long day. The hemp, known for its relaxing properties, harmoniously blends with mint, which helps to refresh and calm the mind, and liquorice, known for its digestive and soothing qualities. This tea is perfect for indulging in a moment of well-being and tranquility.

Preparation and Tasting

Preparing the Harmonies of Hemp Mint and Liquorice is simple and enjoyable. It is recommended to infuse a teaspoon of the tea in hot water for a few minutes, allowing the flavors to fully unfold. The result is a balanced and enveloping beverage, ideal for enjoying at any time of the day, whether hot or cold.

Ingredients: 50% Biomass of Hemp Sativa L. certified for all uses permitted by law 242/2016, 20% Mint leaves, 30% Liquorice root. It does not contain THC.

Preparation: Infuse 2 tablespoons of the product (2/3 gr.) in 200 ml. of boiling water for 8 minutes then strain and sweeten to taste. We recommend adding milk to ensure a calming effect due to the correct dissolution of CBD and the other cannabinoids contained in hemp.

WARNING: in Italy, the formulations containing CBD are not authorized for human consumption but are labeled and sold as articles for technical use, so the above indications are to be considered for informational purposes only as reported by the manufacturer or in scientific literature.

Hemp tea is a product intended for technical use, it is not a drug or a food product.

We cannot give different indications on use except to ensure that these are 100% natural products and without any treatment of pesticides or other chemicals.

Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

Keep out of reach of children.

Produced by Hortaferonia s.s.a. of Mancas and Porcari, Lgo Alfredo Oriani 10, 00152 Rome and packaged by Az.agr. Il Castellaccio,Loc. Cille-52031 Anghiari (AR)

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