CBD OIL full spectrum 30%





THC < 0,2%

Il CBD o cannabidiolo è noto per le sue proprietà rilassanti e analgesiche, è infatti utilizzato per lariduzione dell’infiammazione e del dolore, sia lieve che cronico, il trattamento di depressione e ansia, insonnia, nausea e mancanza di appetito.


CBD OIL full spectrum 30%

Natural extract of Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) in MCT Oil, processed to retain a high amount of effective cannabinoids. Our top-quality CBD oils retain all the organoleptic characteristics of hemp. Made from organically grown raw materials that receive no chemical treatment, the entire process, from plant selection to extraction, follows strict quality standards

CBD or Cannabidiol is known for its relaxing and analgesic properties and is indeed used for the reduction of inflammation and pain, both mild and chronic, and the treatment of depression and anxiety, insomnia, nausea as well as lack of appetite.

Many studies demonstrated the effectiveness of cannabinoids in treating cancer symptoms, controlling anxiety states, and managing conditions such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Storage: Do not expose to light or heat and store in the fridge once opened. Consume within 6 months of opening the bottle. Consume within 6 months of opening the bottle.

Recommended use: Shake well before use. Take 3-4 drops up to 3 times a day. For optimal absorption, place the drops directly under the tongue. After 60 seconds swallow the remaining product.

WARNING: Formulations containing CBD are not authorized for human consumption in Italy but are labeled and sold as articles for technical use. Therefore, the above indications are for information purposes only, as reported by the manufacturer or in the scientific literature on the web.

This technical article is therefore not a pharmaceutical or food product and can under no circumstances replace medical treatment.

Non-narcotic products are allowed for the uses referred to in Law 242/16 and in the circular of the Ministry of Health of 22/5/2009.


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CBD OIL full spectrum

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