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Cannabis legalization in Germany

Legalizzazione della Cannabis in Germania

Cannabis legalization in Germany The historic approval of cannabis legalization in Germany is about to transform the drug policy landscape in Europe. A ferocious debate about decriminalising cannabis has been raging for years in Germany, with doctors’ groups expressing concerns…

CBD in oral use, what changes?

olio CBD ad uso orale, cosa cambia?
The Italian regulatory landscape has undergone significant changes related to CBD for oral use in the past two months. Initially, the Speranza Decree of 2020 classified CBD for oral use as a narcotic, requiring it to be available for purchase in pharmacies by prescription only. However, this decision was later suspended by the Lazio Regional Administrative Court, leading to a number of impacts. As of September 20, 2023, cannabis light stores, both online and physical, could no longer freely sell CBD oil for oral use. This has sparked debate and concern, as the decree appears to have disregarded international recommendations, including that of the World Health Organization, which considers CBD for safe oral use and not a drug. The suspension of the decree was welcomed by CBD advocates, but the Light Cannabis sector in Italy continues to face economic and social challenges.CBD regulation remains an evolving topic.
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