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CBD as a solution to the opioid crisis

CBD come soluzione alla crisi degli oppioidi

CBD as a solution to the opioid crisis The opioid abuse epidemic is a serious public health issue on a global scale. This crisis has highlighted an urgent need for new therapeutic options, as current treatments like methadone and buprenorphine,…

CBD and Yoga? Get ready for world yoga day

cbd e yoga

“Yoga is a process of removing pain – pain from the body, mind, and society.” – Amit Ray, Yoga: The Science of Well-Being June 21: International Yoga Day International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21 to coincide with the…

What is the cannabinoid H4CBD?


H4CBD, or THD, is a cannabinoid created by synthetically modifying the CBD molecule.. This substance, created in the 1940s through British scientific research, represents one of the latest frontiers in the field of cannabinoids. In our article, we will explore…

Can CBD relieve premenstrual syndrome (PMS)?

CBD può alleviare la sindrome premestruale

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affects 48% of reproductive-aged women worldwide, causing symptoms such as mood swings, pain, bloating, and acne. It’s a frustrating condition that can have a serious impact on daily routine and quality of life. While over-the-counter medications can…

Is CBD a drug of abuse? Updates on TAR Appeal

droga d'abuso

The TAR suspends the decision on the classification of CBD as a drug of abuse In the latest hearing at the Regional Administrative Court (TAR), held on April 16, 2024, the suspension of the ministerial decision regarding the classification of…

Cannabis legalization in Germany

Legalizzazione della Cannabis in Germania

Cannabis legalization in Germany The historic approval of cannabis legalization in Germany is about to transform the drug policy landscape in Europe. A ferocious debate about decriminalising cannabis has been raging for years in Germany, with doctors’ groups expressing concerns…

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