Cannabis Light Storage: 8 Tips to Preserve Freshness and Potency

Can light cannabis go bad? Yes, but only if it is not stored properly

If you are the type of person who buys cannabis in quantity or rarely smokes, chances are you have wondered how light cannabis storage works. Unfortunately, it is not possible to stop the aging process of light cannabis, but it is certainly possible to slow it down! In particular, it is critical to make sure that light cannabis has been carefully cared for, stored in proper containers, and kept in a cool room with the right temperature and humidity.

The proper storage is crucial to ensure that light hemp retains its freshness and potency over time. In this guide, we will explore the best methods for storing light cannabis, best preserving its flavors and active ingredients.

Cannabis light storage: the three approaches

Before going into details, it is crucial to point out that cannabis can be stored differently depending on the intended shelf life. This implies the need to consider distinct factors if you decide to store cannabis for a week or a month. Let us then examine the recommended timing of cannabis storage:

Short-term storage (<one week)

Short-term storage implies a period of less than a week. If you plan to consume the cannabis within a few days, it is advisable to use a smaller container, preferably made of silicone, to limit the entry of oxygen, as the latter could compromise the quality of the product.

Medium-term storage (30 days)

When planning to store cannabis for longer periods (about thirty days), it is advisable to use an airtight container. After dividing it into portions, these should be wrapped in wax paper and then placed in a plastic bag. In fact, cannabis will lose its properties if it becomes moist. Thus, cannabis should be kept in an optimal state, avoiding both excessive moisture and excessive dryness.

Long-term storage (>30 days)

If cannabis is to be stored for more than a month, it is advisable to place it in a vacuum container to prevent condensation and slow the aging process. This process, which is inevitable, alters its quality to some extent; aging reduces the level of THC, converting it to another cannabinoid, CBN, and also alters the taste, making it more bitter.

Regardless of the length of storage, it is essential to keep cannabis in a cool place, with a temperature below 25.5°C to prevent mold growth. In addition, the storage environment should remain clean, dry (to prevent the cannabis from absorbing excessive moisture) and dark.

Each container should be filled about 3/4 full to leave sufficient space, and storage should be in airtight glass or ceramic containers. The use of plastic is not recommended, as it may accelerate the aging process of the substance.

1. Choosing the Appropriate Container

Use 100 percent airtight containers, such as dark glass jars or metal containers, to protect the hemp from light and air. This helps to preserve light-sensitive terpenes and cannabinoids.

2. Store in the Dark

Light can degrade cannabis compounds. Store hemp light in a dark place, preferably in an opaque cabinet or box, to preserve its potency.

3.Temperature and Humidity
Keeping light cannabis in a cool, dry environment is essential. Avoid excessive temperature changes and store around 20-22°C with a relative humidity of 55-62% to prevent mold.

4. Avoid frequent openings

If you have large quantities of light cannabis, divide it into small containers to avoid frequent opening and closing that could compromise the overall freshness.
5. Avoid Contact with Air
Oxygen can accelerate the degradation of cannabis. Use airtight or vacuum-sealed bags to minimize contact with air when storing light hemp.
6. Effective Labeling
Labeling Carefully label each container with the storage date and strain of the light cannabis. This helps keep track of the time elapsed since storage.
7. Avoid Freezing
Avoid freezing light cannabis, as moisture may damage trichomes. Opt for refrigeration if it is necessary to maintain freshness for an extended period.
8. Cleaning and Maintenance
Make sure containers are clean and free of residue before storing hemp light. Regular maintenance will ensure an optimal storage environment.

How to tell if hemp is still in good condition

When cannabis deteriorates due to mold, it is advisable to eliminate it immediately. Some suggest not throwing it in the bin, but heating it at 95°C for 15 minutes, as mold does not surviveat temperatures above 60°C. However, the safest choice is to avoid unnecessary risks and refrain from using cannabis if you notice signs of improper storage.
Before using buds stored for an extended period, it is always prudent to check that they are still in good condition. CBD cannabis, like any living organism, is subject to the deterioration over time, and so it is preferable to check the condition of the buds to avoid having CBD cannabis that has become old, dry, and lacking in flavor. An initial suggestion involves observing the buds, which, to maintain optimal quality, must have a layer of small crystals, known as trichomes, that produce cannabinoids and terpenes.
Additional control involves the sense of smell. In fact, terpenes are the first compounds to degrade during prolonged storage, and a decrease in their concentrations leads to a loss of intensity in the aroma of legal CBD cannabis. The condition of CBD buds can also be assessed by touching them: high-quality ones should not be neither too moist nor too dry, and should not crumble easily under light pressure.


The proper storage of NativaCBD’s light cannabis is essential to ensure that it retains its freshness, aroma and potency over time. Following these tips will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of light cannabis whenever you decide to use it. What are your techniques and tips for storing light cannabis? Let us know in the comments!

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