12 Combo Pack x 1-gram


12 Combo Pack x 1-gram with just one advantageous purchase, you will have the opportunity to test our 12 inflorescences, all of the high quality, and get to know their aroma, smell and color.

The combo is a great way to taste our products at a discounted price.

12 Combo Pack x 1-gram: A Complete Cannabis Light Experience

The 12 Combo Pack x 1-gram from NativaCBD is an excellent opportunity to explore a comprehensive assortment of our Cannabis Light inflorescences. This pack is perfect for discovering your favorite variety, offering an aromatic journey through diverse notes and sensations.

A Variety for Every Taste

Each combo pack includes 1 gram of the following varieties:

  • Banana Kush: A sweet blend of tropical and earthy aromas, perfect for fruit lovers.
  • Blueberry: Characterized by a sweet flavor and aroma reminiscent of fresh forest berries.
  • Candy Kush: A perfect balance of sweetness and freshness with a hint of spice.
  • Gorilla: A potent variety with earthy and pungent notes, ideal for the bold palate.
  • Harlequin: A unique aroma with floral notes and a subtle spicy aftertaste.
  • Lemon Tonic: Fresh and lively, with a clear hint of citrus.
  • Mandarin: Sweet and citrusy fragrance reminiscent of freshly picked mandarins.
  • Mango: Sweet and tropical, with an intense ripe mango note.
  • Passion Fruit: Exotic and enveloping, with a scent that invites relaxation.
  • Royal Cheese: Strong and decisive aroma, with a characteristic scent of aged cheese.
  • Strawberry: Sweet and delicate, like a ripe strawberry in summer.
  • Super Lemon Haze: An explosion of lemony freshness, ideal for energizing your day.

All our inflorescences are based on CBD with THC<0.5%, organically and sustainably grown.

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Infiorescenze di canapa sativa l.

Solo per uso tecnico e per gli usi di cui alla legge L. 242/2016 art. 2.
Non ingerire, non assumere, non è un farmaco, non può essere usato in sostituzione di farmaci.
Vendita consentita unicamente ai maggiori di 18 anni. Non è una sostanza stupefacente o psicoattiva (dpr 309/90).
Non contiene sostanze nocive per l’uomo. THC inferiore ai limiti consentiti dalla legge L. 242/2016.

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